About this blog

Welcome to the DevTunes blog. This blog shares my experiences about .NET Programming, C#, and other programming and software architecture-related topics.

About Me

My name is Mehdi Madani. I currently work as a Programmer and Software Architect. I started programming back in 1993 using Turbo Pascal when I was a teenager. I’ve built many exciting projects, such as a specialized text editor using Free Pascal on Linux in 1998 and a custom Win32 Debugger to debug any Win32 executable over disassembled code in 2001 using Borland Delphi. I am using C# since 2003. I regularly watch video tutorials and read blog posts and books to learn new technologies. Besides my technical experience as a developer, I’ve worked as a Software Engineering Manager for several years. I have experience primarily with C#, working with ASP.NET Core, Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure services. I am fascinated by .NET internals, JIT Compiler, Expression Trees, custom .NET Profilers, and Kubernetes.


Feel free to contact me at [email protected]